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Plan for the future you've always wanted

Let attorney Thomas J. Monogue offers you expert legal assistance in navigating the complexities of laws overseeing gifts, estates and trusts. Let us help you control the distribution of your hard-earned assets and property with careful planning and administration. Secure the future of your family with a little help from us. Give us a call on 920-674-2315 for legal assistance.

Give your family the best care

If something happens to you, you want to make sure that your family is well taken care of and your assets are distributed as per your wishes. No matter what you have in mind attorney Thomas J. Monogue will help you out. Whether you need to draft a will or make some changes to your existing one, you can be rest assured that we have you covered.

Reliable probate and estate legal services

•  Drafting wills and trusts

•  Assisting clients with probating estates

•  Winding up trusts

Get legal representation for personal injury cases

If you've been hurt because of the negligence of another person or business, you may have a personal injury case. Discuss any accident, medical malpractice or auto accident with our team. A personal injury can devastate your personal life and cause you mental stress. Get expert reliable advice from attorney Thomas J. Monogue and get the settlement you deserve. Schedule your appointment today!

Last will and testament

We make estate planning easy. Call us for expert legal advice.